It's time to heal

It’s time to heal. To heal everything that has gone wrong, everything that has become one-sided in this world and in ourselves. The time to leave behind everything we no longer need. The time is ripe for a new consciousness and a new world.
For that we need hope, strength and courage, joy and joy and a clear feeling, thinking and acting.
We no longer allow ourselves to be obscured by the illusion and delusion of the words of the old norm that surround us. We become clear in our goals and in our vision.
And we pronounce them. It is a universal vision in harmony with heaven and earth.
Maybe this is the first time we can consciously become HUMAN.
To be one with life as it is meant to be, to be one with the earth, to be one with Heaven. To be able to take our place in the middle, in Midgard, heaven on earth.
To achieve this I use my medium and that is art.
Art heals and will play a major role in the future of this world to restore the balance between heaven and earth.
The art that serves the soul, the art that reconnects us with our origins, the art that reconnects head, heart and hands.
All this I would like to offer you on this website: the possibility to become one again with you-self, with the purpose of your life, with your body, soul and Spirit.
We leave our personality where it is, for it never feels like changing, and we lead it to its salvation. For admittedly, he comes out better AND he gets his rightful place. The darkness sacrifices itself for the light so the light becomes stronger. So the circle is complete. Your circle might start here….

Inge Vanassche