Online courses

Who are these courses for?

  • For anyone who wants to develop their feeling and thinking and likes to be artistic
  • For pedagogues, counsellors, therapists, coaches who want to complement their practice with artistic activities.
    The intention is to record the courses in a certain order.

It is a kind of healing path that leads you along different insights to yourself, the world and your destination.
The courses aim to develop your feeling world and are based on ancient wisdom and laws. Feeling is placed in a framework so that you get a basis that you know when you feel speaks or your emotion. That, after a while, you will no longer be so undermined by your emotions. At the same time a universal frame of thought is offered so that you can place your experiences and broaden your thinking and develop your true feelings.
It is best to start with the “initiations” in painting, modelling and drawing.
Occasionally there will be a text or worksheet with your course.
Then you can go further and deeper into certain themes.
You choose whether you want to go further and in which direction you want to go further.
A kind of labyrinth where you quietly go to the middle and the totality shows itself to you. Sometimes you will think that you are far away from it, sometimes you will feel that you are very close to it.
Your own path depends on your choice: ask yourself what you need at that moment.
Think of it as a journey, an adventure that concerns you.
And important detail: you don’t have to be able to draw, paint or be a sculptor to start this journey, after all, it’s all about the experience and self-reflection that comes out of it.
You can write a diary with your experiences, but of course you don’t have to.
Extensive information can be found every time you click on a course.
There is no recognition attached to these courses.
It is the education of your right hemisphere (intuition) linked to the higher thinking of your left hemisphere. It is the education you never received in school but which is necessary to manifest yourself as totality on this earth.

I wish you a pleasant journey!
Inge Vanassche

Working artfully with children

In December 2021 I gave a lecture for the Steiner School Michaëli in Aalst about the effect of art in Steiner pedagogy. It discusses the various techniques and their effect on children and adults.

Healing series