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About Art Of Eden

About Inge

In my life I have always been looking for the connection between spirit, matter and the arts...

Global vision and mission

It's time to heal. To heal everything that has gone wrong, everything that has become one-sided in this world and in ourselves...


What do the other students think of our study programs?


The artistic therapy originated from the anthroposophical ideas of Rudolf Steiner...


Which techniques are applied in artistic guidance?

Working tools

Which work instruments are used in art therapy?


The content is presented in a new way.

Training as an artistic coach

This process takes 2 years, with a rhythm of 1 day a week and starts in September 2020 in Aalst.

Color year

A color image is an image of the workings of different energies in us at a given time.

Online modules

For people who prefer to experience everything at their own pace, this way you can get started with exercises and explanations.