Inge Vanassche

In my life I have always been looking for the connection between spirit, matter and the arts. Through a long search of following courses and putting them into practice by teaching, being a therapist and developing workshops, I have come to who I am. The different phases of my life are always accompanied by upheavals, metamorphoses and the necessary moments of fear, doubt and uncertainty.
Sometimes you have to completely turn the bow to become aware of a deeper layer of yourself and start practicing. This is what evolution requires of us and the process we surrender to, whether we like it or not.
We develop until we get to our core and then start living in freedom, equality and brotherhood. Art and spirituality has always been the thread running through my life and in the profession of art therapist and teacher I have found this connection.

In the past I was director and head teacher at De Kleine Johannes vzw for 8 years. De Kleine Johannes vzw offered a training as art therapist. This training lasted 4 years with a rhythm of 2 days a week. Traineeships and theses were also requested each year.
At the end of this trajectory one got, after passing all parts, a recognized diploma from the E.A., Dornach, Switzerland. This diploma had no recognition in Belgium.
In 2019 I stopped De Kleine Johannes vzw and therefore also the training. The training was too demanding for many people, both in terms of time and financially.
In 2020 I decided to set up ART OF EDEN. ART OF EDEN focuses on teaching the artistic techniques, their functioning and the healing aspect, but also on the personal process of the participants.
The artistic subjects but also meditation, study, biographical works are geared to this. This is the new thing in the course: the transpersonal processes.
At the end of the course you will receive a certificate of the course followed.