Art therapy

Working tools

Which work instruments are used in art therapy?

  • The artistic medium itself: through the techniques you are taught, you immediately experience the effect in your inner world.
  • The story: telling stories in images about a path of development.
    The soul of man recognizes and resonates with these images.
    You enter a world of symbolism.
  • Biography: through artistic exercises we look at the biography of a human being.
    We gain insight into the phases of the soul and the meaning of events.
  • Meditation: Meditation brings us to a part of ourselves where our I live. You need this to see the “way”, with yourself and others. You come into contact with your inner world where the images, words and consciousness lives.
  • Study: Texts provide insight into the workings of man and his function between heaven and earth. In this way one gains more insight into universal laws.

Insight is an important quality that you should have as an artistic supervisor.
Insight gives you an overview and the right tools at the right time.

” Painting has a special relationship with the world of sleep. In this world the colours and images live in different imaginations. This world is the source of painting. In a painting we turn night into day. “

M. Hauschka