Art therapy

The artistic therapy originated from the anthroposophical ideas of Rudolf Steiner. Together with artists Rudolf Steiner worked out a way for the future spiritual development of mankind. Today we are more than ever in this time.

Man is further than ever from his origins. We live in times in which there is a need to make contact with our inner source. Art gives you the opportunity to develop your feeling world and thus make contact with that source. This is where the images of your soul live. The images of your life path, the path to be taken in your life. Making contact with these images gives us direction in our lives, allows us to live our life on earth to the fullest and to make our contribution to the development of mankind and the earth.

Art therapy therefore appeals to an unconscious layer in the human being, which determines us every moment.
By means of various artistic techniques we bring that layer to the surface and enter into conversation with it.
You become an observer, neutral observer of your own functioning of body – soul and spirit.
This can be confronting but always clarifying and giving direction.

Psychological knowledge is combined with an artistic activity. Thinking, feeling and acting are made clear and can undergo a transformation so that your actions are attuned to a new consciousness. The artistic activity sets this healing process in motion.
Your healthy core is addressed and through specific exercises you are guided to become and be more your -Self.
The personality is aligned with the Self, our unique spiritual core and thus comes to its next step of development. And this is the true original desire of every human life.

“Art responds to the most profound, subconscious needs of the human soul.”
R. Steiner

Become an artistic coach yourself

For who?

Artistic coaching can be used for everyone, all ages.
The questions for help can come from different problem areas.
This can be from a simple “not feeling good about yourself” to depression, burnout, developmental problems, eating disorders, autism, dyslexia, ADHD, CFS, trauma, borderline, etc…

Artistic therapies can be aimed at:

  • physical or psychological complaints/problems
  • support in developmental questions and processing (trauma)
  • pedagogical support (learning difficulties/behavioural problems)
  • career guidance

“ Colors can transport the soul in the most different moods.
Each color has a different soul movement, because the soul lives in the color. She is one with it. “

M. Hauschka

What does an art coach do?

An artistic coach has several possibilities to practise his profession.
The client does not need to have artistic prior knowledge for any of the activities. The methods used by the artistic coach are based on the artistic therapy.

The art therapist can choose:

  • One-on-one coaching: through the client’s request, a treatment plan is drawn up by the therapist. Methods and tools are used to bring about the healing.
  • Guidance of groups around a certain theme
  • Working with children : behaviour and learning problems.
  • Giving art workshops. These ateliers have a healthy effect on people and appeal to a wide audience. One comes, as a participant, back in contact with one’s own creative ability.
  • As an addition to your profession, which you may already be doing in the care or guidance sector.

” With painting lessons you can do a great service to the sick person. When, in the course of the day and the year or in the elements, you succeed, when dealing with the natural moods and their metamorphoses, in bringing spiritual thoughts to them and in growing the conviction in the soul of the sick person that there is a deeper meaning to the phenomena, a divine order, then that gives a basis to stand up for many a desperate, empty soul, to find oneself again, and that is the most important thing. “
M. Hauschka

What does an art therapist do?

All of the above, but an artistic therapist can also work with more serious problems such as psychiatric problems, trauma processing and developmental disorders. A different background is required for this. Art of Eden does not offer training as an artistic therapist, but as an artistic coach.

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